Tank cleaning equipment
Product name: Tank cleaning equipment

Product details

RSH rotary washing ball
RSH is a kind of rotation, head uses it USES the cleaning medium to conduct a comprehensive coverage and flushing. Due to the less use of washing liquid in low pressue equipment used in low, it is one of the effective way to replace the traditional way. RSH swivel adopts double ball bearing, that makes it suitable for all industrial cleaning applications, it includes a tank, reactor, container and other capacity in 0.05 m2 to 50 m3 (depending on the size and cleaning tasks) of the container. The flow of the cleaning medium make RSH rotating sprinkler, fan-shaped spray flow in the formation of vortex in the tank or the reactor. The impact of the resulting effectively remove residual product required. Cascade flow can clean all of the inner surface to the container.

Technical data

The material
AISI 316 l (UNS S31603)
The smallest diameter
RSH - 25 25 mm diameter (DN25)
RSH - 45 45 mm diameter (DN45)
RSH - 65, 65 mm diameter (DN65)
The highest working temperature
90 ℃ (maximum ambient temperature 140 ℃)
/ wet cleaning radius radius
RSH25 Max. R = 0.6 M / 2.5 M
RSH45 Max. R = 1.4 M / 3 M
RSH65 Max. R = 2 m / 3 m
Pressure of work
1-3 bar
Jet form
More than 360/270/180 below
Interface form
Screw type, welding type, bolt type

KSB - fixed spray ball

1.KBS is a kind of fixed spray ball used for tank cleaning in food and beverage industry
2.Fixed spray ball is used for cleaning tasks that request lower.



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