pneumatic diaphragm valve
Product name: pneumatic diaphragm valve

Product details
Working pressure: 0-10bar
Working temperature: -40~150℃
Drive mechanism: pneumatic control
Seal material: EPDM+TFM, EPDM
Body design: straight through valve design
Body material: 316L (casting, CF3M EN1.4409)
Interface size: DN15-DN80
Interface type: KST210-1 type, KST210-2 type welding: welding,
KST210-3: card
Surface treatment: the outer surface of Ra is less than or equal to
0.5 m (SF1),
The inner surface of Ra is less than or equal to 0.375 m (SF4)

Interface standard: ISO, DIN, BPE.3A BS, ASME

Type: KST-SS260
Size: DN15-DN80
Main material: PC display cover, stainless steel support, valve stem,
Status display: pneumatic switch state display
Signal feedback: can be installed FBS-SVC, FBS (solenoid valve
intelligent control)



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