Aseptic diaphragm valve
Product name: Aseptic diaphragm valve

Product details

Application domain
Kingston production of sterile diaphragm valves to meet all the requirementsof the field of sterile and super health. Widely used in medicine, bio pharmaceutical industry, as well as semiconductor ultra pure industry,microelectronics industry, fine chemical industry.

Standardization design
Aseptic diaphragm valves meet all kinds of international standards, to meetthe needs of all kinds of configuration. Serial identification of each valve.Traceability of complete materials. Body surface Gao Jie net smooth, nodead corner flow channel design, self - net installation angle, easy to remove,maintenance and clean. KL aseptic diaphragm valve mainly by the valve,diaphragm valve, drive, automatic control device. Customers may chooseproducts according to design requirements.



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